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RLT = 0,034 USD

Initial price: 0.07 USD

(+225 / 24 hours)

51405133.941 RLT
(+1430.185 / 24 hours)

7475.17 ETH
(+0 / 24 hours)

~3 200 ETH
$729 600

(+14 / 30 days)

478.13 ETH
(Last payout: 10,8 ETH)


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Blockchain Roulette

Win-Win Roulette


No deposits — your funds are managed solely by you

0.5 % of money spent on betting are returned to you in the form of system tokens

Accepting and processing bets as well as win payouts are transparent for all players and investors

100% anonimity with no registration, documents and verification

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More loyalty rewards with a new SmartPlay.Tech advertising campaign!

The crypto market is growing, as well as the balance of our blockchain roulette. launched an effective advertising campaign for players and partners.

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04/13/2018 enters the Asian market

Last Thursday, February 15, in Hong Kong, representatives of the team held the final stage of negotiations with SJM Holding. As a result of the pre-New Year meeting, a partnership agreement in the field of the digital games industry and the blockchain technology was signed.

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RLT added to the Enjin wallet

Great news! Now the RLT token has its own cryptowallet, so it became even more convenient and safer to use and keep your RLT!

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Increasing the RLT attractiveness. What is the practical use of token?

The team is closely involved in increasing the investment attractiveness of the RLT token through listing on new exchanges and improving the technology itself.

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02/15/2018 is not EtherZero: why we can do more?

In a number of world media like NewsBTC the information that may be involved in creating a new network and currency named ETZ appeared. Our team officially denies any connection with the EtherZero project and the claimed hard fork and offers to look at pros and cons.

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01/29/2018 development strategy for 2018 has prepared the brief review of the nearest plans, observing the current work and the current results. The review contains the updates on the development, partner cooperation and exchange listing.

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RLT token rate dynamics review from January 22, 2018

According to, in the last 24 hours, the price of the RLT token has grown exactly two times against bitcoin. With respect to the dollar and the ether, the rate rose by 53% and 51%, respectively. At the moment (22/01/2018 2 p.m.) the token costs $ 0.148231, which is more than twice the price of the last week.

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RLT token rate dynamics for January 18, 2018

Over the past 24 hours, the RLT token rate has grown by 26% against USD, and by 20% against BTC and ETH. At the time of writing the review the price of one token is $ 0.088484 USD, which exceeds the initial token price on the ICO (the initial token price was $ 0.07 USD).

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Roulette design: classic style or futuristic design? Make your choice now

The SmartPlay.Tech team is on the way to completing the tasks set in the original roadmap, and within one of the plans it's time to choose the design of the roulette.

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01/16/2018 is considering switching to its own Ethereum fork to solve existing network problems

The game market is specific and at the same time huge, taking up to 60% of all transactions in the Bitcoin network. Therefore, it is logical to use a separate blockchain for deploying a single gaming infrastructure with its own currency for all participants.

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Sea battle


Become the co-owner with every bet!

A player is credited up to 3% of the bets sum in RLT tokens which allow receiving a share of the profit composed of all other players' future bets.

Placing a bet in any roulette game you automatically become our partner and thus a co-owner of the project.

0.5 - 3.0% of the amount of bets are instantly sent to a player’s Ethereum address in RLT tokens. The amount of the reward is defined according to the following table:

Test period 03/14/2017 - 03/21/2017 3%
Test period 03/22/2017 - 03/29/2017 2.5%
Test period 03/30/2017 - 04/06/2017 2%
Test period 04/07/2017 - 04/14/2017 1.5%
after 04/15/2017 0.5%


Therefore, tokens can be sold on an exchange or used for receiving loyalty rewards from the project’s profit.

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About our project

We’ve launched beta-version of «European roulette» on Ethereum smart contracts. We tried our best to make the game maximally functional and complete with the advantages:

  • random number generation and the payment of winnings are fully automated being controlled by the smart contract;
  • a great number of various types of bets, such as Corner, Split, Sixline, etc.;
  • the possibility of placing up to 64 bets on different fields at one turn;
  • smart contract source code is open at GitHub;
  • to start playing it’s necessary to install MetaMask extension for Google Chrome browser.
  • the game is available both in Ethereum main network (Mainnet) and test network (Testnet). After signing up in MetaMask a user gets several ETH coins for free and can test the game.
  • basic mathematical advantage over a player (House Edge) is equal to 2.7%. Thus, no matter how perfect the player’s game is and what strategies are used, the casino is always more lucky by 2.7% if analyzing quite long sequence of games. Casino’s effective work without house edge is impossible as it is this number that excludes any misuse and bankruptcy.
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Our roadmap

Our nearest development plans:

  • to provide RLT token holders with sustainable loyalty rewards;
  • to launch multi-level affiliate program providing constant traffic of new players;
  • to make the game more user-friendly and easy-to-play with no additional plugins;
  • to present animated 3D design with visual and sound effects;
  • to introduce the voting system allowing all the partners managing key parameters of the poject;
  • to enter crypto currency exchanges;
  • to launch broad advertising campaign for attracting 3 000 players.
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RLT tokens

Name: Roulette token (RLT).

Initial amount: 10 000 000 (10 million).

Initial price 1 RLT = 0,07 USD.

Token standard: ERC20.

RLT tokens can be easily transferred between all the participants using Ethereum network addresses. Besides, tokens can be transferred into accounts on crypto currency exchanges and back after introduction of token support to the stock market.

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ICO (Crowdsale)

On April 10, 2017  three-day crowdsale of platform has ended. Total sum raised comprises 2873.592 ETH or $ 126 150 at the exchange rate as of 04/10/2017. The number of tokens sold is 1 874 170. The founders consider ICO to be successfull, as only for the first day of sales they managed to raise the planned amount of $ 100 000.

Distribution of the funds collected

  • 60% – the fund for carrying out effective advertising campaign of the game;
  • 20% – the fund for advancing «European roulette» and launching additional versions of the game;
  • 20% – the rewards for developers and initial investors of the project.

The goals we are planning to achieve using the funds collected in terms of ICO:

  • to launch broad advertising campaign of the game in the internet and attract at least 3 000 new players;
  • to launch the affiliate program providing the constant traffic of new players;
  • to provide RLT token holders with sustainable loyalty rewards;
  • to enter exchange markets with RLT token;
  • to develop and launch a voting system for RLT token holders allowing them making decisions concerning the game development and promotion;
  • to present animated 3D design with visual and sound effects;
  • to develop and launch a set of additional Roulette versions with various types of bets and options («American Roulette», «Russian Roulette»).
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